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Roasted Cornish Hen

How To – Amy’s Roasted Chicken

I love roasting chickens.  A roasted chicken is affordable, quick to prepare, and it fills your house with a wonderful aroma.  While you do need time, it’s not really active time.  Prep the bird for 5-10 minutes and then move on to something else once it is in the oven.  I have tinkered with a lot…

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Cookbooks 4

The thrill of the find

I love hunting.  I’m not talking about animals, I’m talking about shopping. I love sifting through racks of clothes, stacks of vinyl records, or even boxes of tchotchkes for a treasure.  Lately I have been on the hunt for cast iron pans.  I recently realized how much I love my vintage 8” McClarys cast iron pan. I get…

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Taking Stock

Clean it out! Once a year Thom and I do a detox/cleanse.  We started about 4 years ago.  I had seen a naturopath and I was asking about how to resolve some health issues.  She suggested that the best way to start was to take stock by cleaning  the slate and seeing what remained.  A…

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Back to Baking - Anna Olson

Cookbook Review – Back to Baking by Anna Olson

When I need tried, tested, and true, I reach for Anna Olson’s book Back to Baking. I bought this book when it was published in 2011 and the pages are sticky with the delicious fruits of my labours.  I have lots of baking books filled with incredible recipes.  When I go to the cottage, or…

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Rise Up! A journey to bread

How was bread invented?  I’ve often wondered this.  It has to have been an accident.  I can fathom that someone mixed pounded grains with water, and added salt for flavour, but how did the yeast get in there?  How did they know how long to wait and how long to knead it? Did some genius…

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dinner table

A dinner party called “Turducken”

Turducken. To begin, if you’re not sure what a Turducken is, click here. 6 years ago Thom and I decided we should cook a turducken.  Thom had heard about it on the internet.  Honestly, I thought the whole thing sounded pretty gross – especially since neither of us really likes turkey.  We invited 12 friends…

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cherry mango smoothie 2

How To – Amy’s Cherry Mango Smoothie

Whenever need a quick on-the-go breakfast I think of smoothies. Wait, that is a total lie, I think of breakfast sandwiches. But I can’t have one every day, because that would be…bad? Yes. That would be bad. So, for an everyday, healthy, on-the-go breakfast, a smoothie is the best choice. For years I brought smoothies…

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Apple tarts

Amy’s Kitchen Year – Thank you Ruth Reichl

The other day I found myself telling a friend she needed to read Ruth Reichl’s book My Kitchen Year.  While my friend loves to cook and eat, that wasn’t why I suggested she read it. One fall morning last year I was lying in bed listening to the radio.  I love to do that in…

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