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Pie funnel

Kitchen Coach

Recently on the radio, I heard Mark Bittman, former lead food columnist for The New York Times Magazine.  He was talking candidly and frankly about himself, his new business venture, and the state of things food related in the world.  He said something that got me thinking.  Now, I may misquote exactly what he said, but…

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Sous Vide steak

Steak Jacuzzi – Adventures in Sous Vide Cooking!

Adventures in Sous Vide Who knew you could cook a steak – cook a steak perfectly, in fact – in a Jacuzzi?  Recently, a dear friend of mine I hadn’t seen in ages contacted me to see if I wanted to have a Sous Vide playdate.  Not knowing exactly what that meant, I said yes….

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Bon Appétit May 2001, Special Collector’s Edition:  Paris

I have issues – of food magazines

Food magazines are funny things.  On the cover is a picture of a beautiful dish that draws you in.  You want to make it…you NEED to make it.  You plunk down the $5.99CDN and go home inspired.  And then next month there is another issue.  Another dish you NEED to make.  Maybe instead of just…

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