start with a bowl

The Grizzly House

A Grizzly Fondue

What matters to you in a restaurant?  Obviously, the food.  I mean that’s why you’re there, right?  But there are other contributing factors – factors that can sway your decision and lead you to eat a crappy food in a room that looks beautiful, or sit in a dive and eat the best meal of…

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Top of Sulphur Mountain

Climb every mountain

Making the decision to try something new is the hardest part of change. When you’re in the moment of doing the new thing, you’re in the process of strategizing and navigating, but the moment before that, the moment you make the decision, to me is the hardest part. Last week I climbed a mountain.  I…

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Crossroads market

On the hunt

I am a crow.  I love shiny things.  I love new things.  I love weird things.  My brain, my eyes, constantly crave new stimuli.  A change is as good as a rest, so the saying goes.  When I go vacation, I don’t rest and relax in the sun.  I am on the prowl, on the…

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