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lemon curd blueberry ice cream

I scream for ice cream?!?

I have fallen in love.  I’m as surprised as you are.  Someone new has come into my life.  His name is Marcus and he makes ice cream.  Specifically, he makes Lemon Curd with Wild Blueberry Ice Cream.  And Passionfruit  Basil Ice Cream.  I have never loved ice cream.  I have liked it, but not loved.  I love chips.  I love wine.  I couldn’t possibly love ice cream.  But I do.  And I have to leave Calgary, the only place they sell Marcus’ ice cream.  I don’t know what I am going to do.   This is going to be a tough break up.  

If you want to fall in love too, check out

I fell in love at the Bridgeland Market.  But according to their website, you can fall in love all over Calgary.  

Until the next time, Marcus. xo

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Amy • June 28, 2016

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