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Turkey Hand Pies

How-To: Pickles Eh! Turkey Dinner Handpies

I love pie.  And a pie that you can easily take with you,  and that is filled with meat, is awesome.  When I first tasted Pickles Eh! Cranberry Apple Chutney, I knew this was the dish I wanted to make.    Turkey Dinner Handpies Print Recipe Pickles Eh! Cranberry Apple Chutney goes beautifully with Turkey…

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Bûche de Noël

My Bûche de Noël – Adventures in holiday baking

One day my brother came home from school with an assignment.  My mother had to make a Yule Log.  There was some class party and all the mothers had to make something.  My mother had never made one before.  I don’t remember her making it.  I don’t even remember seeing it.  What I do remember…

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Caramel Apple and Caramel Apple Cranberry Pies

Thanksgiving: Context and Cooking

When Thanksgiving rolls around, most people start thinking about family.  I start thinking about cooking and baking.  The farmer’s markets are bursting with colour and flavour.   I get excited about trying to reinvent the traditional turkey and trimmings and at the same time know that I have to make a few family favourites (herbed garlic…

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