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Back to Baking - Anna Olson

Cookbook Review – Back to Baking by Anna Olson

When I need tried, tested, and true, I reach for Anna Olson’s book Back to Baking. I bought this book when it was published in 2011 and the pages are sticky with the delicious fruits of my labours.  I have lots of baking books filled with incredible recipes.  When I go to the cottage, or…

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Rise Up! A journey to bread

How was bread invented?  I’ve often wondered this.  It has to have been an accident.  I can fathom that someone mixed pounded grains with water, and added salt for flavour, but how did the yeast get in there?  How did they know how long to wait and how long to knead it? Did some genius…

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dinner table

A dinner party called “Turducken”

Turducken. To begin, if you’re not sure what a Turducken is, click here. 6 years ago Thom and I decided we should cook a turducken.  Thom had heard about it on the internet.  Honestly, I thought the whole thing sounded pretty gross – especially since neither of us really likes turkey.  We invited 12 friends…

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cherry mango smoothie 2

How To – Amy’s Cherry Mango Smoothie

Whenever need a quick on-the-go breakfast I think of smoothies. Wait, that is a total lie, I think of breakfast sandwiches. But I can’t have one every day, because that would be…bad? Yes. That would be bad. So, for an everyday, healthy, on-the-go breakfast, a smoothie is the best choice. For years I brought smoothies…

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Apple tarts

Amy’s Kitchen Year – Thank you Ruth Reichl

The other day I found myself telling a friend she needed to read Ruth Reichl’s book My Kitchen Year.  While my friend loves to cook and eat, that wasn’t why I suggested she read it. One fall morning last year I was lying in bed listening to the radio.  I love to do that in…

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A bottle of olive oil

The perfect olive oil.   A few years ago Thom and I had the wonderful pleasure of traveling through the south of France, the Italian Riviera, and Tuscany for 3 weeks.  It was an amazing holiday.  We were there in September and the markets were bursting with the most beautiful fruits and vegetables I have…

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devils food cake doughnuts

How To – Basic Devil’s Food Cake Doughnuts

This recipe is from Hand-Forged Doughnuts by Mark and Michael Klebeck with Jess Thompson from Top Pot Doughnuts. Thom and I always debate which is better, cake doughnuts or yeast doughnuts. To me, a cake doughnut wins every time.


How To – Gluten-Free Potato Doughnuts (Gem Bits)

This recipe is from Wendy Turnbull’s book “Gems of Gluten Free Baking.” These were the first doughnuts I ever made. You can make little ‘Timbits’ or ‘Doughnut Holes’, or you can use a doughnut dropper and make full size doughnuts. Really tender and yummy.


What is your favourite meal?

Seriously. What is your favourite meal? If it’s your birthday, or you’re on death row awaiting execution, what do you want to eat?  I find this question curious as I don’t know that I have a favourite meal.  I can narrow it down to a handful of things, but depending on my mood, or the…

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