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Stop eating sugar for breakfast!

Stop eating sugar for breakfast.  This seems like a crazy notion.  Especially for a baker.  I’m not saying give up sugar, just don’t start your day with it.  For a number of years I worked behind a desk.  In the morning I got up, got ready, ate something sweet – including sweet tea, drove to…

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Pickles Eh! Tuna Relish Burgers

How-To: Pickles Eh! Tuna Relish Burgers

Pickles Eh! Ripe Cucumber Relish turns a simple can of tuna into a delicious and quick burger.   How-To: Pickles Eh! Tuna Relish Burgers Print Recipe Not everyone likes a beef burger. These days there are so many wonderful variations on the burger – salmon, turkey, veggie, black bean… One of my favourites is tuna….

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Sous Vide steak

Steak Jacuzzi – Adventures in Sous Vide Cooking!

Adventures in Sous Vide Who knew you could cook a steak – cook a steak perfectly, in fact – in a Jacuzzi?  Recently, a dear friend of mine I hadn’t seen in ages contacted me to see if I wanted to have a Sous Vide playdate.  Not knowing exactly what that meant, I said yes….

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Roasted Cornish Hen

How To – Amy’s Roasted Chicken

I love roasting chickens.  A roasted chicken is affordable, quick to prepare, and it fills your house with a wonderful aroma.  While you do need time, it’s not really active time.  Prep the bird for 5-10 minutes and then move on to something else once it is in the oven.  I have tinkered with a lot…

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Rise Up! A journey to bread

How was bread invented?  I’ve often wondered this.  It has to have been an accident.  I can fathom that someone mixed pounded grains with water, and added salt for flavour, but how did the yeast get in there?  How did they know how long to wait and how long to knead it? Did some genius…

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A bottle of olive oil

The perfect olive oil.   A few years ago Thom and I had the wonderful pleasure of traveling through the south of France, the Italian Riviera, and Tuscany for 3 weeks.  It was an amazing holiday.  We were there in September and the markets were bursting with the most beautiful fruits and vegetables I have…

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What is your favourite meal?

Seriously. What is your favourite meal? If it’s your birthday, or you’re on death row awaiting execution, what do you want to eat?  I find this question curious as I don’t know that I have a favourite meal.  I can narrow it down to a handful of things, but depending on my mood, or the…

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Salt Tasting Room

Eating my way through Vancouver – Part 5: Salt Tasting Room

People in my life have suggested to me that I could use a salt like.  Like a horse.  Well, they’re not wrong.  I love salt. Love it.  I have 6 kinds of salt in my kitchen right now (Maldon, Fleur de sel,  coarse kosher, coarse sea salt, fine sea salt, and a blend of fleur…

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Fish Taco - Tacofino

Eating my way through Vancouver – Part 4: Fish Tacos and Disco

So, we have previously established that the sandwiches at Meat and Bread were too good to pass up.  A Porchetta sandwich was the plan for Friday’s lunch, and nothing would deter me from that plan.  So, what was I to do when I stumbled across the Tacofino truck on the way to Meat and Bread???…

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