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Porchetta Sandwich - Meat and Bread

Eating my way through Vancouver – Part 3: Meat and Bread

The mighty sandwich.  As a kid I didn’t like sandwiches.  That might be a direct result of how my mom made sandwiches.  Mom’s recipe: Take two slices of very soft white bread.  Spread butter liberally on both slices.  The butter should be thick enough you can see teeth marks.  Place one slice of cooked ham…

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Shizen Ya

Eating my way through Vancouver – Part 2: Shizen Ya

While my Japadog experience was overall awesome, I made one crucial error.  I ate it at 3pm Vancouver time.  I continue to blame Air Canada for this.  At 6pm it was time to go for dinner and I was feeling pretty stuffed, but I took one for the team and went in search of sushi. …

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Terimayo Japadog

Eating my way through Vancouver – Part 1: Japadog

One of the best parts of travelling is eating.  If you dine in local eateries and avoid the chains you can experience a new point of view and different ingredients than you might be used to.  Recently I traveled to Vancouver for some corporate work.  I took advantage of this opportunity to explore the culinary…

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Roasted tomato and cilantro shrimp pic

How To – Roasted Tomato and Cilantro Shrimp

Whenever I see bags of frozen, uncooked shrimp on sale I buy a couple and leave them in the freezer.  Shrimp are great on those days when you get home from work, you don’t have any protein ready for dinner and you want something delicious.   This recipe is quick to prepare and is full of flavour.  …

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How to – Oven Roasted Squash Recipe

I was standing in front of a display of pumpkins and squashes the other day when I heard a woman comment that she didn’t know why they were in the produce section as they were all for display. Display?!  What?! She even questioned if they were real or plastic.  I couldn’t help myself.  I had…

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Caramel Apple and Caramel Apple Cranberry Pies

Thanksgiving: Context and Cooking

When Thanksgiving rolls around, most people start thinking about family.  I start thinking about cooking and baking.  The farmer’s markets are bursting with colour and flavour.   I get excited about trying to reinvent the traditional turkey and trimmings and at the same time know that I have to make a few family favourites (herbed garlic…

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Corned beef hash

Put an egg on it!

The first time I went to Paris was in 1999.   It was a life altering trip in more ways than I can say.  One of the many things about Paris that blew my mind was the food.  Standing on the street trying not to get strawberry jam all over my face while eating a…

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English Muffins

English Muffins

I love the British TV Show The Great British Bake off.  It’s a guilty pleasure.  I know, as an actor I should reject reality tv, but I love watching these home bakers compete week after week.  I love Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, who judge the show, and I love Mel and Sue who host…

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