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Cookbooks I Love

I love cookbooks.  I love to read through them and get inspired.   I love experimenting with recipes and learning how someone else approaches food.  There are so many cookbooks out there that selecting them can be overwhelming.  Sometimes a cookbook is merely a catalogue of decent recipes, but sometimes they are special.  Sometimes the writer takes you inside their head and their heart.  You learn what they love about food and begin to appreciate their perspective.  When you use their book it’s like cooking with a friend.  In fact, I don’t usually refer to my cookbooks by their titles, I refer to them by their authors.  “I bet Anna has a great cake recipe for that party.” ” Let’s see how David cooks a chicken.” and of course “Julia will know how to do that.”

This page will highlight some of the books I love to use.  And I’d love to hear what cookbooks you love, too.



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