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river cafe

The perfect lunch

A confession.  I don’t love going to restaurants.  I would rather go to markets, buy great ingredients, and cook them at home.  When I do go out I want to be surprised by dishes I haven’t made before with awesome local ingredients, and great ambiance.  Oh, and a great rosé wine helps too.  When I…

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lemon curd blueberry ice cream

I scream for ice cream?!?

I have fallen in love.  I’m as surprised as you are.  Someone new has come into my life.  His name is Marcus and he makes ice cream.  Specifically, he makes Lemon Curd with Wild Blueberry Ice Cream.  And Passionfruit  Basil Ice Cream.  I have never loved ice cream.  I have liked it, but not loved. …

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Pickles Eh Dilly Carrot Cold Salad Rolls

How-To: Pickles Eh! Dilly Carrot and Salmon Cold Salad Rolls with Lemon Lime Dijon Dipping Sauce

Cold Salad rolls make a great lunch or healthy snack.  The addition of Pickles Eh! Dilly Carrots add a sophisticated twist.  How-To: Dilly Carrot and Salmon Cold Salad Rolls with Lemon Lime Dijon Dipping Sauce Print Recipe We’re always looking for ways to make lunch easy to prepare and still delicious. My tactic is always…

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lake agnes_tea

Treasure at the top

I love hunting for treasures.  I think it’s why I love consignment, thrift, and antique shops.  I have found amazing treasures in these cluttered, disorganized, and often not terribly clean places.  What I didn’t expect was to find treasure at the top of a mountain. A few weeks ago I went hiking again.  We chose…

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Pickles Eh! Tuna Relish Burgers

How-To: Pickles Eh! Tuna Relish Burgers

Pickles Eh! Ripe Cucumber Relish turns a simple can of tuna into a delicious and quick burger.   How-To: Pickles Eh! Tuna Relish Burgers Print Recipe Not everyone likes a beef burger. These days there are so many wonderful variations on the burger – salmon, turkey, veggie, black bean… One of my favourites is tuna….

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The Grizzly House

A Grizzly Fondue

What matters to you in a restaurant?  Obviously, the food.  I mean that’s why you’re there, right?  But there are other contributing factors – factors that can sway your decision and lead you to eat a crappy food in a room that looks beautiful, or sit in a dive and eat the best meal of…

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Top of Sulphur Mountain

Climb every mountain

Making the decision to try something new is the hardest part of change. When you’re in the moment of doing the new thing, you’re in the process of strategizing and navigating, but the moment before that, the moment you make the decision, to me is the hardest part. Last week I climbed a mountain.  I…

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Crossroads market

On the hunt

I am a crow.  I love shiny things.  I love new things.  I love weird things.  My brain, my eyes, constantly crave new stimuli.  A change is as good as a rest, so the saying goes.  When I go vacation, I don’t rest and relax in the sun.  I am on the prowl, on the…

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steak salad 2

The Minimalist Pantry – Cooking in Calgary

Adventure is exciting.  You see and do new things, meet new people, and see a new part of the world.  While all of that is awesome, there are also anxieties, things you worry about, and fears. Currently I am working in Calgary.  I will be here for 3 months.  I had a great opportunity to…

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