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dinner table

A dinner party called “Turducken”

Turducken. To begin, if you’re not sure what a Turducken is, click here. 6 years ago Thom and I decided we should cook a turducken.  Thom had heard about it on the internet.  Honestly, I thought the whole thing sounded pretty gross – especially since neither of us really likes turkey.  We invited 12 friends…

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cherry mango smoothie 2

How To – Amy’s Cherry Mango Smoothie

Whenever need a quick on-the-go breakfast I think of smoothies. Wait, that is a total lie, I think of breakfast sandwiches. But I can’t have one every day, because that would be…bad? Yes. That would be bad. So, for an everyday, healthy, on-the-go breakfast, a smoothie is the best choice. For years I brought smoothies…

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Apple tarts

Amy’s Kitchen Year – Thank you Ruth Reichl

The other day I found myself telling a friend she needed to read Ruth Reichl’s book My Kitchen Year.  While my friend loves to cook and eat, that wasn’t why I suggested she read it. One fall morning last year I was lying in bed listening to the radio.  I love to do that in…

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A bottle of olive oil

The perfect olive oil.   A few years ago Thom and I had the wonderful pleasure of traveling through the south of France, the Italian Riviera, and Tuscany for 3 weeks.  It was an amazing holiday.  We were there in September and the markets were bursting with the most beautiful fruits and vegetables I have…

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eliza eating cake2

The Battle of the Birthday Cake

In my life I have made a lot of cakes.  A heck of a lot of cakes If you ask me to choose between pie and cake, I choose pie every time.  Every single time. For my birthday my mom would make me a lattice top cherry pie.  As a result there was only ever…

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Chickpea and spinach curry

Vegan?! Gluten free?! Egg allergy?! What can I make????

Cooking for allergies, intolerances, and preferences.  ( I can hear you sigh already).  I have one friend who is a vegan, a few vegetarians, one who is allergic to eggs, some who are lactose intolerant, and a couple who are gluten free.  I often have these people over to dinner, or bring baking to places…

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Chickpea and spinach curry

How To – Chickpea and Spinach Curry

This recipe is based on Ross Dobson’s recipe from the book Wholesome Kitchen. This is a great book with lots of great recipes and ideas for adding more beans, pulses, and grains to your diet. When I make this recipe I usually double it so I have lots leftovers.

Amys doughnuts

Making Doughnuts at Home!

I really enjoy doughnuts.  When I was a kid and I went ice skating with my dad, we would stop at Tim Hortons on the way home and sit at the counter (back then there was a counter, kinda like a diner) and we would have hot chocolate and doughnuts.  It was just the two of…

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devils food cake doughnuts

How To – Basic Devil’s Food Cake Doughnuts

This recipe is from Hand-Forged Doughnuts by Mark and Michael Klebeck with Jess Thompson from Top Pot Doughnuts. Thom and I always debate which is better, cake doughnuts or yeast doughnuts. To me, a cake doughnut wins every time.

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