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How To – Gluten-Free Potato Doughnuts (Gem Bits)

This recipe is from Wendy Turnbull’s book “Gems of Gluten Free Baking.” These were the first doughnuts I ever made. You can make little ‘Timbits’ or ‘Doughnut Holes’, or you can use a doughnut dropper and make full size doughnuts. Really tender and yummy.


What is your favourite meal?

Seriously. What is your favourite meal? If it’s your birthday, or you’re on death row awaiting execution, what do you want to eat?  I find this question curious as I don’t know that I have a favourite meal.  I can narrow it down to a handful of things, but depending on my mood, or the…

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Salt Tasting Room

Eating my way through Vancouver – Part 5: Salt Tasting Room

People in my life have suggested to me that I could use a salt like.  Like a horse.  Well, they’re not wrong.  I love salt. Love it.  I have 6 kinds of salt in my kitchen right now (Maldon, Fleur de sel,  coarse kosher, coarse sea salt, fine sea salt, and a blend of fleur…

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Fish Taco - Tacofino

Eating my way through Vancouver – Part 4: Fish Tacos and Disco

So, we have previously established that the sandwiches at Meat and Bread were too good to pass up.  A Porchetta sandwich was the plan for Friday’s lunch, and nothing would deter me from that plan.  So, what was I to do when I stumbled across the Tacofino truck on the way to Meat and Bread???…

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Bûche de Noël

My Bûche de Noël – Adventures in holiday baking

One day my brother came home from school with an assignment.  My mother had to make a Yule Log.  There was some class party and all the mothers had to make something.  My mother had never made one before.  I don’t remember her making it.  I don’t even remember seeing it.  What I do remember…

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Porchetta Sandwich - Meat and Bread

Eating my way through Vancouver – Part 3: Meat and Bread

The mighty sandwich.  As a kid I didn’t like sandwiches.  That might be a direct result of how my mom made sandwiches.  Mom’s recipe: Take two slices of very soft white bread.  Spread butter liberally on both slices.  The butter should be thick enough you can see teeth marks.  Place one slice of cooked ham…

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Shizen Ya

Eating my way through Vancouver – Part 2: Shizen Ya

While my Japadog experience was overall awesome, I made one crucial error.  I ate it at 3pm Vancouver time.  I continue to blame Air Canada for this.  At 6pm it was time to go for dinner and I was feeling pretty stuffed, but I took one for the team and went in search of sushi. …

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Terimayo Japadog

Eating my way through Vancouver – Part 1: Japadog

One of the best parts of travelling is eating.  If you dine in local eateries and avoid the chains you can experience a new point of view and different ingredients than you might be used to.  Recently I traveled to Vancouver for some corporate work.  I took advantage of this opportunity to explore the culinary…

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Starting from Scratch – Writing Recipes

Beginning my culinary journey as a baker, I have always kept recipes close at hand.  A recipe tells you what ingredients to include, in which proportion, and how to effectively blend them together.  You can make dozens of very different cakes with the exact same ingredients by changing either the proportions, or how you blend…

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