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"I was hosting family from out of town for the Thanksgiving holidays.  I asked Amy to make us a pumpkin pie and an apple pie for my family dinner.  Both pies turned out amazing.  Amy has nailed down one of the nicest, flakiest pie crusts I have tasted.  I am picky about my pumpkin filling and this pie did not disappoint.  Spicy but not too spicy, sweet but not too sweet. Apple pie was equally delicious.  Everyone at the table really enjoyed Amy's desserts."


“Amy Sellors brings a passion and joy to food that is simply unparalleled.  She can make me feel excited about going home and cooking after a few minutes of talking to her.  She coached me through making a simple, yet elegant and delicious endive and cheese appetizer, for an event where I needed something beautiful that could be prepared very quickly.  She’s passed on countless recipes and with specific instructions about how to make them, or modify to make them even more delicious.  Amy’s passion for food is contagious and inspires happiness.  I’m not kidding.”

"I am certain Amy's leek, potato and celery root soup single-handedly made me better when I was sick.  She cooks with love, fresh beautiful ingredients, and attention to detail. Her soups are so tasty, so yummy, and so delicious."

"Amy's passion for excellent food and memorable food experiences is palpable.  Whether it's her hand-crafted pasta in sumptuous sauces, or her perfectly prepared and delicious Beef Wellington, or her gorgeous and addictive desserts (anyone wanna die and go to heaven?  Try her pies or her Kouign Amman!), Amy approaches each dish with thought and care, a contagious excitement, and a vision to make every mouthful a special event that you'll never want to end.  Her deep connection to French and Italian sensibilities lend an elegance to her cooking and baking, and yet her style is extremely accessible; she can create a stunning Croquembouche just as easily as she can whip up a tasty Croque Monsieur!  Anyone who chooses to welcome Amy into their kitchen is in for a good time and a great culinary ride."

"I have been on the receiving end of many of Amy’s delicious baked treats, my favourites have been a gorgeous clafouti and some unbelievable fruit tarts, but what I want to share is more than the immediate pleasure of enjoying something that Amy has made; it’s the joy that she exudes when she talks about cooking and baking, and her generosity in sharing what she has learned. She has lent me cookbooks (all containing copious bookmarks) and shared some incredible tips (oats on a pie crust to absorb some of the fruit juices! Brilliant!) based on her own kitchen experiments. Amy talks about food with such joy and knowledge, its infectious. She’s my go-to person when I have a cooking questions, and she usually has the answer, and it’s always tried and true."

"Amy knows food.  As a vegan, her ability to modify her regular recipes to accommodate my special dietary needs is brilliant.  I have eaten a lot of vegan “options” in restaurants and have to say that Amy’s are some of the best….not only vegan meals but vegan baked goods and desserts (those English Muffins were amazing!).  Amy is passionate about cooking and sharing her knowledge with others.  Grab a good bottle of wine and get Amy to cook for you and you are in for a memorable experience."

"Rich, decadent desserts, made with perfection.  Amy designs beautifully balanced dessert menus that offer everything from light puffed pastry treats to deep, rich, creamy chocolate mousse. Her dessert menu makes you wish you hadn't eaten so much at dinner.   From homemade doughnuts to flaky pastry pies, I can never get enough of Amy's delightful adventures in baking."

"Amy and I have worked together for a long time, and one year we were in charge of planning the company holiday party on a limited budget.  She suggested that to keep costs down, she would "take care" of the food for the party.  If it were me, that would mean veggie platters, maybe some PC mozza sticks and several selections of fine chips.  For Amy, it meant baking three different kinds of hors d'oeuvres, and two giant platters of flank steak - marinated for days beforehand, expertly grilled, hand sliced into delicate little strips of deliciousness.  It meant a vegetarian option that was devoured by all -  hand-rolled falafel balls with an amazing sauce on the side made from scratch.  Amy did all this on her day off in her own kitchen for a party that had 75 people at it and we all stuffed ourselves on the incredible spread that she had made for us.  Amy's flair, passion and skill is remarkable, whether she is making the simplest, rustic comfort food or the most sophisticated, delicate pastries. This woman can cook!"

“Amy’s New Year’s Eve feasts are legendary in Toronto. This year I was thrilled to snag an invitation to her beautiful home. She fed SIXTEEN people!!! We sat down to eat at 8pm and left the table well after midnight……”Auld Land Syne” was sung during dessert. Amy’s ingenuity and expertise in the kitchen left me a bit stunned. I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a rapturous dining experience in my life. She always has a theme to these evenings. This one was “Braised and Bubbly.” Here’s what she served:
Appetizers…..Fondue with pain de campagne and crudités
Amuse Bouche…..Sliced Potato with Raclette Cheese served with Cornichon
Soup……………..Squash Soup (which happened to be vegan)
Vegetable….Braised Leeks with Comté cheese
Main Course….Braised Pork, Braised Beans, Wilted Kale and Boiled Potatoes
Salad Course…Fried Chicken (or Tofu) with Pickled Red Cabbage, Red Onion, Radish, Fennel, Red Pepper and Carrots
Dessert…………Vegan Champagne Cake with Passion Fruit and Mango Puree, Champagne Cake with Citrus Buttercream.
Champagne Sorbet with Blood Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon, and
Sponge Toffee
I cannot stop thinking about this meal …….I see from Karla’s earlier post that Amy sells a variety of cakes and pies…..good lord, i’m done for…….”


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